I'm going to say the next statement with the fullness of my southern accent that I tend to try to mask: 

Y'all, my book is finally done!

Yes, A Wonderful Change, the third book in The K(no)w Series, is done... proofread at least 7 times (and there will probably still be some type of mistake in there)...  two different cover drafts... 

This book took me through a learning curve.  I had to learn how to format the inside of my book.  I had to learn how to format my own cover.  These are things I paid professionals to do with my three previous books.  It was easier that way.  They had the skillset; I needed them to complete the task, and they did.  Now, those services are not available to me, so I had to learn them for myself.

Now, I can format books.  I can design covers... and not just for me.  I can do it for others as well.

...but I digress... 😊

The book is now "avail"able at amazon.com or my trunk for purchase! 

Thank you so much for waiting patiently; you have the patience of Job! I'm going to do my best not to have you waiting for the next 6 years for Book Four, A Congratulations Is in Order.  (I already have four chapters written thanks to a book project I'm doing with my students!)

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I apologize for the background of this selfie.  It seems that I take my best ones with the worst backgrounds!