With or without Christian values in play, there’s something about the pain of a dating breakup that cuts, causing one to seek refuge in something different than the worldly status quo…
    Kyle was her life. Kyle was her existence, her entire being, until he met and fell in love with Avail. Even though she had a couple of men on the side, Kyle was the only one who possessed the power to break her heart… and he did. Still stinging from the distant breakup with Kyle, Celeste grows tired: tired of the way her mother trips out on her; tired of the way she longs for Kyle but he directs his attention toward other targets; tired of the ways of her family and how they hold her captive; and tired of herself. After an argument with her mother, she finds herself desperate for change, and that’s when God begins to show her a path she cannot imagine and her personal metamorphosis begins.
    His status is single by choice, but he could no longer stand on the sidelines watching the blows Avail was willing to take in the name of love; he desires to take them for her. After Raine, Reese, and Shea receive a email from Kyle containing a picture of his new daughter he had with Celeste, Grevarian, or Grey for short, made it his mission to both protect Avail from feeling that level of pain again and to be the healing balm for the wound Kyle seemed to reopen. An ex-girlfriend caused him to modify how he interacts with women, but Avail’s misinterpretation of his courtship method, new dirty tactics with an enemy-ally, and natural desires intervene in his pursuit of Avail. He maintains a level of accountability with his friends, and it’s that accountability that helps him know when it’s time to change his status.
    Witness how wonderful and unexpected changes take us through the next episode of The K(no)w Series, with Grey and Celeste as our storytellers.

A Wonderful Change
the third book of the K(no)w Series
E. Marie Sanders