For the high school student, summertime holds the expectations of freedom, relaxation, and experiences unparalleled with anything that normally happens during the school year.  Marlena Jenkins, a rising sophomore, spends her time preparing herself academically for the upcoming school year in a summer program at the University of Pittsburgh, practicing for a summer production, and wondering if she’ll attract the attention of any young men.  Without warning, she piques the interest of Jason Dobbs, a very mature rising freshman.  The attention she receives from him has the potential to rock her world with no sudden warning, including the possibility of ending a firm friendship.  Marlena’s traditional family support should be enough to stabilize her, but when unexpected drama within that part of her life catches her off guard, the combination of a dormant illness, guidance from a trusted confidant, and the audible voice of God bring her back to her solid foundation of obedience and openness.  Though her initial thoughts and, perhaps good explanations pull her to rebel, Marlena learns who she can depend on, who she needs to let go, and to whom she should listen.

Blindsided Book Preview
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E. Marie Sanders​