Two pregnancies may prove to be too much for one relationship…
    Kyle and Avail have finally managed to become an exclusive couple while minding the important stipulation of reserving sex for a possible marriage and overcoming the distractions of an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, and others who have a vested interest in the both of them, but there are some things that are hard to ignore, like desire and babies.
    Intensely attracted to one another, Kyle and Avail find themselves with the perfect opportunity to break their vow and experience one another in a more intimate way when fate steps in and changes their world forever.  Celeste, Kyle’s ex-girlfriend, promised that she would get Avail back for taking Kyle away from her, and Grey’s simmering affections prove to be the perfect place for Avail to seek refuge.  Between counseling sessions, an unexpected opportunity, a charm on a necklace, and diminishing communication, Kyle accepts the inevitable and makes decisions that help him further grow into the man he seeks to be.  Even so, Camden disregards the circumstances and continues to pursue Kyle more aggressively than before.  Raine and Shea continue to be the rock Avail needs to be stable, but Grey seeks to add a level of comfort to her stability by sharing a personal view they both have in common. A shared Intersession class and summer opportunities draw Avail and Grey closer than ever, but Kyle runs just enough interference to make his presence known.  Former distractions become major obstacles as each character deals with their own set of costs and penalties.

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Consequences and Repercussions Book Preview
E. Marie Sanders​