Experience with the opposite sex never proved to be what Avail felt she needed in life, but it never stopped her from hoping for better.  Shortly before she begins college, she starts dating Donovan, a high school senior who possesses every endearing quality that she desired in a suitor; he even agrees to wait to engage in sexual activities until they married.  Not realizing the power of attraction and the difficulty with long distance relationships, Avail goes to Whitaker with wide eyes full of hope, eventually seeing the breathtaking Kyle.  Also from Pittsburgh, Kyle attended a private boarding high school out of state.  With all that freedom, he took advantage of it with the ladies even though he had Celeste, his long-term girlfriend waiting for him at home.  He always questions his shaky dedication to her and wanted to break up with her, but Kyle never did.  Once he experiences the culture of Avail, he decides it's finally time to break up with Celeste and move on to a greater quest.  

Eventually, Avail and Kyle acknowledge their feelings, both privately and to one another, and attempt to deal with significant others waiting at home.  Interference in various forms serve Avail and Kyle problems that they may not be able to face together.

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To K(no)w Avail Book Preview
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E. Marie Sanders